to be very successful, especially by winning or earning a lot of money
They hit the jackpot when they bought the lottery ticket.
by Free way September 29, 2017
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A phrase used by JubaHo when referring to meeting a new mark who she perceives as having a lot of money and will be easy to use for money and gifts and abandon at her whim.
JubaHo: “Right after his friend ghosted me at a bar. I met an old fatman who retired yesterday. He has a business and two cars! I hit the jackpot!
by T_rump_supporter October 21, 2018
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Look above we belong high up top, Tryna bring us down but we got too hot, All around not optional we be unstoppable yeah. Coming through like a wrecking ball
Keep it wild like an animal. Yeah, bring that freak to the party,
Adrenaline through your body, To wake you up when we go into full flow. Know we gonna be unstoppable (Hey). Bulganeungeun eopseo gajyeoga
All, this, swagger. All of your minds we gon' shatter. All or nothing, naega mandeun beobin geol. Ain't no stopping, just turn up the heat yeah! Into the fire, do or its die, you know that we run it,
There ain't no turning us down, You know we taking the crown. We go 100! We go 100! We go, we go, we go, we go We go 100! Can't slow down, can't slow down, We go 100! We going all out We go, we go, we go, we go
"OK, Topnotch, hit the spot looking jackpot!" mark exclaimed when he won the lottery
by neomul0nely August 24, 2020
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