september 22nd, love your history teacher because he is such a hottie with a body. such a dilf he is, my favorite person ever
Suck: hey you know what day it is?
Deez: no idea
Nuts: its national love your history teacher day
by aubreyelle September 3, 2021
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You get one out of two options. A super chill nice teacher that writes easy A’s and doesn’t give much homework OR a mean teacher who gives TONS of homework every single fucking day and writes easy F’s. The second teacher isn’t liked by most people and she doesn’t care. She is just rude and expects everyone to care only about her subject. Miss girl I have different classes and a social life. I do NOT care about your 6 page class work and 5 page homework.
You: Sorry bro I have so much homework for today and I can’t go out :(
Me: It was given by a female history teacher wasn’t it
You: Yeah :(
by Nins M November 21, 2021
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