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hipster/indy; while the words hipster and indy do not have the same definition of origin, they are complimentary to one another.
'Trainspotting' has a pretty big hipsty following.
by matti* August 15, 2011
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The disgusting and unholy cross between a hippy and a hipster. What was once a care-free, mother earth-loving, ungroomed individual has been irreversibly transformed into a moccasin-wearing, sanskrit-tattooing piece of shit who thinks they are an "activist" even though they have not voted in a single election. Their music can only be described as budha-step and all their tye-dye shirts were shamefully purchased at Urban Outfitters. Because of the clear conflict between the hipster and hippy philosophies, this person hides a great deal of self-loathing behind hair feathers, mysticism, and a medical marijuana license. Don't let them show you their art. Ever.
I wanted to go to that Bass Nectar show but that might make me a hipsty.
by wessideride January 06, 2012
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