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A hippy-hipster. Rarely seen in the wild, this is a burgeoning sect of hipsters and whether or not they will be able to flourish in this environment is yet to be seen.

A hipstey is defined as a overly stylized self-proclaimed hippy (note: this is an important distinction to remember because the traditional hipster would never, under any circumstance admit to being a part of any group - and would then insist they "fucking hate hipsters") eagerly pretentious about their (likely newly-found) "lifestyle."

They are "purists" "with open minds and hearts," but these are merely attributes spurred by the need to fit in at music festivals.

Companies have recently started to recognize them as a demographic by introducing products like "Cannibis Flower Cologne Spray" or any recycled product that mentions it's recycled in large print.

This phenomenon is known as "Hipstey Peacocking."
Lindsay Lohan at Coachella is a stage-two hipstey.
by white-people-probologist February 29, 2012
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