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Noun: A portmanteau combining "Hipster" and "Risque".
1. A whorish hipsters
2. Hipster erotica.
Examples of "Hipsterisque"
1.a "I wear this tight hoodie to accentuate my cleavage"
1.b "I wear this tight pants so the ladies know how small my penis is!"
2.a "I removed her pink fishnets as we listened to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah"
2.b "Twelve PBRs later, we were on his couch undressing."
Usage examples:
1. "I was going to go to the show, but there were too many hipsterisques."
2. "Sometimes, it's nice to just drink a PBR, unwind, and read some hipsterisque when you're alone."
by Peggah February 01, 2007
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