When people, namely hipsters, 'dance' at concerts by standing around, bopping their heads, occasionally tapping there foot and MAYBE once in a while swaying their hips. This is to make sure that they look like they are enjoying themselves but not TOO much because that wouldn't be cool.
*Broken Social Scene plays in the background*
Hipster #1: Great music eh?
Hipster #2: Yeah, it's good.
by Eirinn July 19, 2005
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n. the act of placing the hood over your head, sticking your hands in the front pocket of your hoodie, and bopping your head up and down being very careful not to lift your eyes away from your Chuck Taylor shoes.
HIPSTER DANCING can be done with or without your ipod head phones.
by Camp Lickalotta March 11, 2008
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Hipster dancing is the movement done by one who is a hipster at shows and scene clubs. the movment requires not only concentration of the body but of the attitude.
the facial expression must be of a pissed off, mad to be here, bitter at the world scowl.
the body will sway from side to side with feet tapping in sort of a toe touch motion.
the bouncing of the body is subtle and the hands are forced straight down with an occasional snap.
its quite hilarious. sometimes you can add in the quirky dance move such as bringing back a retro move or a move you made up that is only known amongst the group.
im summary: look upset to be here, be drunk off PBR, reak of cigarettes and marc jacobs perfume, wear american apparel and look like an idiot.
it's fun, i do it all the time.
hipster dancing sounds fun.
i'll teach you but i get to pick the music
by douchbag February 3, 2007
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