the act of taking a shit on your hand then making a fist and shoving it inside a guys/girls ass and thrusting it back and fourth
I totally just did the "hippopotamus plunger" and she loved it
by caso4show the goat master July 10, 2011
Noun. A process in which a person shoves an umbrella in his or her anus, and then promptly opens it up, thus making his or her asshole larger. The misguided soul then proceeds to put watermelon-sized anal beads into his or her rectum. This being must then try to regurgitate these objects into a friend's mouth. Finally, the friend runs to the nearest zoo naked and gets impaled by a rhinoceros.
- Damn son, why you so stressed today? Did ya take a hippopotamus doorknob recently?
- Yes, my anus is still sore.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
by Brolijah May 7, 2014
A large woman taking a shit, you barge in and drop kick her off the pot.
That fat girl was stinking up the bathroom so I gave her a hippopotamus drop kick.
by suzie crew April 3, 2009
In the years of 1887 and 1887 there was a very violent war between the brave Japanese people protected their native lands in Norway after many Facist or more specifically Scottish Commies were financially assisting the hippos in they’re conquest of Norway caused the aggravation of the Japanese but they bravely protected their lands but unfortunately were sent of to live far away in Japan.
I lost my arm in The Hippopotamus War of 1887
by Reginald Glocksonion May 20, 2022
Itz ya boi. The wild hippopotamus does not take kindly to the likes of the people. Food is terrific for me even though sometime it tastes bad, ITS STILL FOOD.😤
Me: Wha-
by Wild Hippopotamus December 17, 2017