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A dairy product which is used to attract and capture wild hippos. After a hippo sized hole is dug in the ground it is covered by leaves over a straw mat. The cheese is placed in the centre. Nocturnal feeding hippos are lured by the scent of the cheese and fall into the hole below. They can then be domesticated and trained to be house-hippos.

Also used to describe something that appears better than it seems or lures somebody into danger.
I've read the brochure but its a load of hippo-cheese.

Whilst the upper classes believe that they can dabble with cocaine and not get hurt, they are in fact playing with hippo-cheese.
by hippo-catcher April 21, 2005
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Spoken through the ages by hoopy froods with fascinations for monkies, cheese, hippos and smelly hippies. Hippo cheese has a variety of different meanings depending on the word put in front of it. It is used to enphasize a point in a hoopy way, that makes all around very confused or relaxed and groovy.
Dave Heeley is such a stupid hippo cheese. (He's a wanker)
Johnny Depp is such a froody hippo cheese. (Cooooool)
What a schnozzle of a hippo cheese. (That's confusing)
by David Noble June 10, 2004
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As the name suggests, it's a hippo made out of cheese. Usually in some of the more retarded pagan celebrations in which people bow down to the cheesy hippo's 'wowzorness'. The cult of the hippo cheese spreads biscuits and butter throughout the land in preparation for the arrival of the bemused hippo.
Woooow man, thats one cheesy hippo, i think i'll regard it as one of my kindred spirits and bite its knee to signify my everlasting joy and hoopyness with the bond i have beetween myself and all this..... what was i saying?
by i_hate_heeley_man June 11, 2004
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