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More politely known as 'Hippopotamus amphibius external male intromittent organ', but 'hippo of dicks for short,the term 'hippo of dicks, derives from the time dinosaurs roamed the earth, where there was a creature hippo-like from a distance, but up close was merely a clump of penises cobbled together and pinned into the shape of a hippo by a wire frame. This 'hippo of dicks' was thought of as a god-like creature, and when bad weather came, disease spread, large fires began or caveman Mark went through one of his dark sad periods, the people would point to the hippo of dicks, and ask it what they had done to make it so angry. Over many years, the actual hippo of dicks faded into just a massive pile of dicks. The pile stiffened and turned green - terrifying everybody. So all people moved away. The exact spot where the massive pile of stiff dicks rotted away, would later be known as a town called Wood Green. The phrase 'hippo of dicks' is today used to replace the older 'croc of shit' - when something bad happens, or something is disapproved of, people say 'what a dick of hippos'.
Donald Trump is going to be president, what a hippo of dicks.
Did you see the game last night? What a massive hippo of dicks.
Last night's episode of Eastenders was a giant hippo of dicks.
by @craigstone_ November 22, 2016
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