Uncool, due to lack of forethought.
Your hippie dippie ideas lack a thorough understanding of reality.
by Jesse Willis March 17, 2007
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A derogatory name for hippies used predominantly by squares in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Look at those stupid hippy dippy peacenik freaks with their girly long hair and flowery bell bottoms laughing at me and my pressed brown slacks, white shirt, polka dot bow tie and crew cut as I walk around campus distributing Nixon campaign pamphlets. Just wait until I inherit my daddy's insurance business and they come begging me for a job, we'll see who's laughing then.
by The Shroud. June 10, 2011
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his lifestyle is criticized as hippy-dippy
by LMAD November 11, 2008
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1.) When something is what hippie would do, say or wear it is hippie dippy.
2.) If something is unique, weird, awesome, amazing, or cool it is hippie dippy.
1.) Dawn was always talking about love, peace and happiness. She was majorly hippie dippy.

2.) Jane: Did you see what Janelle is wearing today?
Laura: Yeah. It's really hippie dippy. Wonder where she got it?
by Lilimaybelle August 26, 2011
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Your mom is stupid, and doesn't know what she is doing. She likes to do stupid things. She dances like a hippy. She drinks and is very weird when she is around people that she doesn't know or does know.
Your mom is being a hippy dippy mom
by JuJu190465 December 22, 2019
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A type of person characterized by excessive drug use, involvement in pre-marital sex (fornication), alcohol abuse, and overindulgent gambling, particularly a male.

Usually turns to priesthood/spirituality after all that partying
*fact* Kanye West WAS a hippy-dippy dude... but now he's back to his old ways, so idk what to call him
by Chrissy A April 25, 2011
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