Commonly used to describe the greatest of the greats. Has been used to describe social media stars Justju, Soso Rondo, and Buckets4Jimmy.
You’re himothy
by buckets4jimmy April 6, 2022
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Other referred to as L.J.B, the definition of himothy is the excistance and being of LJB. Once LJB dies so does himothy.
Oh himothy just pulled a 10/10
LJB is himothy
by L.J.B March 30, 2022
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Chosen by the man above.

Fabian Villasenor
He just rizzed that girl up he’s Himothy!
by Gonzo™️ December 15, 2022
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Word commonly used to describe the chosen one, him, the all-father, otherwise known as Christopher DeDeaux
Damn Chris you’re really cool no wonder they call you himothy!
by Himothy is not you December 23, 2022
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He is him, THE GREATEST, THE GOAT nobody is like him he is literally himmmmmmmmmmmm. God made the world in 8 days instead of resting on the 7th he made Him on the 7th then rested on the 8th. WOW isnt Himothy just him my goodness HIM HIM HIM!!!!
Ashley is Himothy Hims (he is him)
by Himoth's follower number 1 fan February 9, 2023
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Himothy James III cancels plan with woman because of friends sleepover.
by BeefyMcNugget April 26, 2023
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