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A hero; Someone who displays uncanny ability to help people through acts of heroism, superhuman intelligence, and overpowering strength; Someone whose boyish good looks can overwhelm a society in it's entirety and be ingrained in the hearts of it's member permanently
Look at that guy he's saving orphans from a burning bus and still looking suave while doing it he's definitely a bekhit
by Smartiegirl February 06, 2010
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A virtual learner of the almost surreal parallel realities of life. Often confused with high

functioning conditions, but Bekhit is a class of it's own by its very

nature with a somewhat variable classification, Bekhit

syndrome is perhaps defined best by its strong lateral thinking ability way outside of

typical value rigidity bounds often crystallizing itself as an ability to solve and resolve problems that peer professionals simply cannot accommodate
That Bekhit is a regular Sherlock Holmes.
by DamnI'mLookingGood June 11, 2018
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