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A snobby middle school in east cobb with kids that are the "good ones" compared to Dickerson and Dodgen kids. Crazy teachers but not as bad as mrs. Schmidaberg at Dickerson. All the kids want to be freinds with kids from Dickerson and dodgen. Aka the wannabe school. If you don't play pope jr. Football or lacrosse your not cool. A school were every Friday the girls wear the guys football jerseys. Also the smartest school. If you don't have uggs, your an outsider.
Let's hope that Hightower middle school will be cancled because it's 20 degrees outside and I saw a snowflake.

Cobb county school district- All cobb county schools with be closed tomorrow due to cold weather.
Hightower kids- yay!!
by Jackson taylor January 07, 2014
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