Officially it's an enema to flush out the colon but in the slang it means to literally scare someone shitless, which has the same effect as an enema.

Chrissy in the Sopranos got a high colonic when Junior's thugs took him out to the Meadowlands for a mock execution in season 1.
by Frank Morgani May 22, 2008
What you tell somebody you hate to order at the bar.
dirtbag: Uhh, what should I get?

you: How about a nice high colonic for you and your friends? Bartender! Three high colonics!
by kb69 January 14, 2004
A small school located in Colon, Michigan riding on the coattails of a single football state championship in 8-player after going 2-7 2 years before in 11-player. The school is also known for the amount "country boys/girls" with their dads old Cateye and/or the jeep "they saved a summer worth of pay to buy" that was 15k. But you also have the real country boys/girls who roll up in a rusty Xj with cut fenders. The graduating classes are around 50 students give or take depending on how many assignments are actually graded.

Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes I attended Colon High School
I gradimatated from Colon High School.
by SwervingIrvin December 13, 2021