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A heybroh is virtually homeless in appearence and will typically have some sort of sob story or claim christian affiliation to gain sympathy in attempt to gain financial dependence on passersby. They will commonly stand outside of bars. They are known as heybrohs because almost every time they say something to you it will start with "heybroh?" then a short rambling story, then a request in the common format of "you got any extra 'x item' (typically money or cigarettes) i can borrow?" Heybrohs are not always native american, but it will seem that way.
I quickened my pace as I left the bar to avoid the slough of heybrohs that awaited outside only to be mobbed by shouts of "heybroh? you got any extra five dollars i can borrow?" and such like.
by Aaron Lael February 12, 2008
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