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'Heugh' is a term used by some British school kids to mean 'sad' (in the sense of being nerdy) or 'geeky'

The term is often used to describe a situation or object that someone has or has done that could be called nerdy or 'sad' which is usually to do with hardcore 'gaming'

It is also possible to call someone 'heugh' if the person is particularly into saying or doing things which could be described as 'heugh' such as always talking about gaming or something to do with gaming.

Another use for the word 'heugh' is also to describe a person or item of clothing that is considered in some parts of society to be 'swag' such as a snapback, any clothing from the brands 'hype' 'obey' 'dope' 'diamond' 'fresh' or 'reem' or a person who wears any clothing with a galaxy or space design on it.
An example of a nerdy gaming 'heugh' would be

Person 1: Hey guys i was playing Call of Duty last night for 4 hours straight and i got a 42 killstreak with my AN-94 foregrip laser sight with underbarrel M230 grenade launcher omg
Rest of people who heard: heughhhhhhhh omg why are you such a heugh. Call of Duty is so heugh.

An example of a swag heugh would be

Person 1: oh yes mate i got my Obey snapback on with my Hype jumper and galaxy leggings on i'm so reem you get me fam?
Everyone else who isn't a swagfag e.g. most other humans: oh my fucking god that is so heugh he/she is the heughest person in the world
by ObeY_mY-Sw4Gx May 09, 2013
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-a sound expression made by two girls to express their signs of craziness
- the name of a certain eaten fish
example 1;
girl 1: HEUGH!
girl 2: retard.
example 2;
girl 1: did you feed HUEGHHH today?
girl 2: heugh died like, 5 months ago.
by the RATS. December 23, 2008
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