A verb that describes common actions taken by the WWII German tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 38(t), aka the Hetzer. Possibly derived from "hetzers gonna hetz," a popular catchphrase amongst Hetzer drivers.
Sowinov: Watch me hetz this noob tank with my new gun.
Cactusman: Hetzers gonna hetz.
by Sowinoff August 16, 2011
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Commonly used term in Danish press for stalking, following and directing attention to someone in a negative way.

The illustrating way of explaining it could be: Having a lot of heads (turned into "hetz") directed at you and thus their eyes as well.
Person A: "Did you hear about that speed driver minister scandal?"

Person B: "Yes, but I don't see it as anything special. Just the press heading a hetz against the minister. He only drove 6 kilometres per hour too fast."

Person A: "I believe in politicians having a moral raised above everyone else, me included. Hetz is such an exaggeration! Healthy pressure is better."
by Valdemar June 19, 2008
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