One bad ass name Irish people invented but no one uses, basically it means a king.
Hesson is dope ass fuck but he acts like a little bitch.
by Hessy August 26, 2020
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15 seconds of pure passion, pumpin' and a sweatin', and a pumpin' and a sweatin', and then the middle finger right up the asshole.
"Hey how are things with Sarah?"

"Good man. For a while we considered seeing other people. I mean, things have been tough lately."

"So what changed?"

"The Wet Hesson."
by Sloshball August 21, 2011
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if hesson wins out, I’d whip out too.
yo you want to hesson@hesson and chill

hell yeah bring the nos
by hessoninhesson June 3, 2018
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Hesson Warrior is code-name of secret RCB employee who reports directly to Director Of Cricket Mike Hesson.
He is the one who do real scouting and brought guys like Devdutt Padikkal and Rajat Patidar. Hesson Warrior will do anything to defend his boss Mike Hesson.
Tom- Look, RCB just posted a video of Mike Hesson's masterclass in auctions.
Dick- Pretty sure Hesson Warrior have already drafted 500 tweets for his praise.
by whatpseudonymbhenchod August 3, 2021
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