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hessin refers to lack of motivation to do anything other than party and do anything illegal. when hessin, refrain from all school work and anything of the sort.
are you ever going to show up at school?
-nah mayne, ill just be hessin around

earlier today i was hessin, and i happened to find an extra bottle of vodka at the store that i forgot to steal!
by FBGM$ February 08, 2011
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this term is used when referring to any activity related to school work, such as homework or studying, that you don't wish to do. hessin' is a lifestyle, not merely a word. to live the hessin' lifestyle, one must do the following:
1. thoroughly enjoy music, especially mac miller
2. turn in homework on rare occasions, such as when the homework is copied, or incredibly simple
3. life life crazy and slackin on the dumb unimportant shit
4. don't obey rules
5. enjoy the marvelous activity of drinking till you pass out
1. 'hey! you doin homework today?'
-'hell no, im hessin'

2. 'yeah, im failing math. totally hessin'

3. 'wow, that's totally hes like!'

(pronounced HESS)
by hesser-for-lifee March 14, 2011
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