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An ugly, fat woman. Usually a hook up as a last resort at a bar or night club.
Combines the words "heifer", and "loaf" as in meatloaf. Heifer refers to the size of the woman and loaf to what her skin presumably feels like.
I got drunk one night and banged this hephaloaf I met at a bar.
by Meaty Portion November 15, 2007
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when sitting on the can you really have to push hard to get that turd out. when you make that intial push you make a heph sound and at the end of the push you have your loaf. hense the name hephaloaf.
Dude, "man last night i had a real hephaloaf to deal with."

psychologist, "i hate when i get those."
by shady character January 29, 2008
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