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Hennah is a very beautiful human being. Hennahs are usually hot and loves their friends and family. Hennahs give the most effort in relationships and they try the hardest. Hennahs choose favorites but doesn't like for it to be known. Hennahs will try anything to keep you in their life but when Hennah gives up have it be known it was your fault. Hennahs are beautiful inside and out. Hennahs smile can light up a room. Hennah can usually be a very loud person but may seem shy at first. When you get to know Hennah, they are the most the happy go luckiest person ever. Her beauty is undefinable and she catches the hearts of many. She has the best relationships with a man with the letter A, P, S, R. She is the most caring person you will ever meet. She'll annoy you but you'll know that someone cares for you. Hennahs are great with people and tend to make many friends. Hennahs often get tested wrong because of their kindness and love. Hennah is a very nice person and it is very hard for them to be mean or disrespectful.
Hennah is so sweet.
by Elizabeth tom April 24, 2017
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