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Major pain-in-the-ass condition of acute indecisiveness that often causes mild-to-extreme physical/emotional/mental discomfort, inconvenience, confusion/resentment/impatience/exhaustion, etc. for all those involved, plus the major waste of time/opportunities/resources, inefficiency/stagnation, needless delays/cost-overruns, etc..
It is an erroneous belief that someone with hemhawrhoids can be cured/hurried along with a good kick in the rear end --- he's already a sore-natured a**h**e, and so any further physical trauma "back there" will only make his condition worse. Smearing on summa dat Pfizer-brand cream dat comes in a tube might indeed help wid da pain somewhat, but I don't know about significant improvement in da slowness-to-make-up-his-mind part of the equation.
by QuacksO May 15, 2018
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