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Originated during the Fall 2010 US House Page Program Session in Washington, DC, hellawickedrawjank combines the slang words of many regions into one usable phrase:

Hella-Northern California

Wicked-East Coast

Raw-LAX Bros nation-wide

Jank-Accepted Nation-wide
Dude, seeing Michelle Obama at We, The Pizza today was hellawickedrawjank.

You know what would be hellawickedrawjank at the moment? A shake from Good Stuff.

As hellawickedrawjank it would be to go to bed right now, I have to finish my Energy and Public Policy homework.

Sleeping in on a non-seminar Saturday never fails to be hellawickedrawjank.

Getting five hours of sleep last night was hellawickedrawjank.

I always want to introduce myself the the hellawickedrawjank lady who passes out the Epoch every day at the Capitol South Metro Station.
by jerkyandcheese October 11, 2010
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