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1. someone who spanks anonamous pituitary glands and urethras, while saying their dates lastname with a pleasurable groan of affection. 2. invalid submission between unlawful lust by two lovers against the tree concept. 3. denying the usage of rubber when manufacturing bodily fluids. 4. random banked babies. 5. working in multicultural deparment stores without cellophane or toxin cleaners in play. 6. no DIY ethics underoath. 7. not knowing a persons last name before you decide to shake his or her hand. 8. diversity of demographic province. 9. not wanting to own a home with your significant other. 10. non-denominational groups of people.
ex. heirwhorehoax - for instance, if R Kelly made a treaty by exchanging unwanted blood or seminal treats or whatever they are called with direct contact of the skin towards Britney Spears vaginal tubes or circulitory system. perhaps, while screaming GO Africa Go olympic dutiful blood or whatever he or any person suggested may choose to say.
by Jack(his-or-her)lantern September 05, 2008
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