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While jejemons are being defined as those who like to use alternating caps and the excessive use of X,Z,H,W, and other "innovative" ways of communicating, hehemons are rather conscious with grammar and syntax but what makes them different from the rest is the "abuse" of the terms "hehe" or "haha", which denotes laughter or happiness, or even sarcasm. Some of them are jejemon-haters, while some don't mind them at all.
Hey, I think most of these jejemon-haters are hehemons. They use "hehe" too much.
by nerdherdkid May 31, 2010
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This are the normal people. They combat jejemons in their daily endeavours. Hehemons are the majority of people in social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and Multiply. Hehemons are individuals with high IQs who spread around their intellect on the web by typing normally, making all people viewing their profile applause in understanding. Normal people can understand what hehemons say and they are actually quite friendly and good.
Smileyface is a hehemon thus typing normally and talking intellectually.
by JOMARI TEJERESAS May 01, 2010
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