A sexual act usually consisting of 3 people. Two regular size people one male and one female and one midget(usually male)and a goat. All human partners cover their bodies in bacon grease. When all are covered the regular size male inserts the midgets head into his female partner's anus (It is recommended that she is bent over). At this point the midget squeaks creating a vibrating sensation in the woman's rectum. The male still holding the midget up at this point then grabs the goat and mounts it. The mounted goat may kick or may not depending of course on how furiously it is mounted. The male then gently lays the midgets rear down in front of the goat's mouth his head still inserted in the woman's anus. The midget now getting it's anus licked by the goat begins to squeak more making the woman truly satisfied. The male having already inserted his penis into the goat begins singing the theme song from charles in charge. Finally the male ejaculates on the goat. The woman releases a steady stream of fecal matter onto the midgets head, the goat stops licking the midget. The midget then pop's his head out of the woman, every inch of the midget's head and parts of his left shoulder covered completely in feces.
Mike: So I had a hot date last night.

Sebastion: Oh yeah? Did you give her a hefty midget?

Mike: You know it brosef.

Sebastion: Yeah I'm into goats.
by mikew July 22, 2006
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