Small town in eastern WV, Full of out of staters mainly from DC region who left their ghettos, or ghettos in the making, or really expensive ass smug neighborhoods to live in a cheaper housing region farther away from thier shithole upbringings.The out of staters are usually lower class pieces of shit or upper class pieces of shit. Thier is also a small population of people who moved in here from other regions of the state and country, and a small populations of natives, The natives are typical berkeley county rednecks, or wiggers, who are usually drug addicts or just plain dumbasses most of the time both, they usually do not partake in outdoorsman activities as people do in other regions of the state and arent as friendly as other native West Virginians more close to Virginians rather than West Virginians, some of the other natives are bourgeoise sell outs who made money raping farmland and building/selling houses mainly to the out of state snobs/trash. The people from other regions of the state or country are typically the more normal americans or West Virginians, mainly middle class/working class backgrounds and generally are better people than the natives and out of staters from the DC /baltimore region. Their is a minority of natives who fit into this category.

* Best description of this town
hedgesville, Hey man look at those faggot rednecks in Hedgesville foodlion parkinglot all they do is sit around in the parking lot and share thier faggot materialistic obsession of thier vehicles.

Hedgesville The new 300,000$ homes in hedgesvill are full of people that look like they just came straight from San Francisco. I wonder if they love the smell of thier own smug asses?

Hedgesville Those Hedgesville wiggers make me sick, thier as fake as fuck doll. To much BET fakeass fuckers.
by 1whiteAppalachian June 17, 2011
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