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usually used by drug dealers, its their private stash, not the shit they sell you
I'm boys with Charlie so we smoked his head stash instead of the schwag.
by Nose April 16, 2003
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A collection of the best goodies you come across; not for sale to the general public. Good for those birthdays when you wanna whip some shit out that'll blow everyone's mind.
"I just picked up some fire ass kush, this shit is goin in my head stash for sure."

"Mickey's got some of those dank rolls left, let's feed him coke and captain till he busts his head stash out."

"Man me and me Daniel ate those shrooms I been keepin' in my head stash, we tripped our fuckin' faces off!"
by MDZEE November 09, 2011
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The most amazing of all online communities available today. A most heady combination of online magazine, social network, and message boards for the jamband community.
That Saxton interview on Headstash was the shit. Can't wait for the Disco Biscuits New Years preview.
by Headstasher October 16, 2010
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