Head music is term that originated in the Midwest in the 1970s. The term is used to describe a quality within a song, an album, or an artist’s body of work that puts you in a deep contemplative place. Head music isn’t exactly a genre in the traditional sense, but could include certain 60s psychedelic, 70s prog rock, and beyond. Though head music is a cross-genre phenomenon - there are some common elements which generally include droning base or synthesizer sounds, long crescendoing guitar solos, and if there are lyrics they are deeply moving, thought provoking, and paint vivid imagery. Head music transports you to a different place. It creates an atmosphere where the listener and the musicians are one.
Person one:
”Here, listen to this! It’s head music... Put on some headphones and listen to the whole album straight through without interruption.”

Person two: “Should I smoke some grass before hand?”

Person one: “Definitely!”
by YubNub83 December 20, 2019
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Someone who listens to all types or just certain types of music constantly; even for a couple of seconds.
Person 1: "There goes that guy; always plugged into his iPod"

Person 2: "Yea; he's a music head; he likes listening to music"

Person 1: "Oh ok."
by enzo32ferrari December 12, 2008
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"she tied back her hair so I put on the head music out of instinct"
by Kaiser18724 February 15, 2023
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