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A "mo-hawk" hair style worn by a male or female from the south; typicaly referred to as rednecks. Individuals generally reside in or near a trailer park.

Most identifiable characteristics are; Mid-80's truck with body lift kit, rifle rack, Budweiser t-shirt, rebel flag tattoo, noticable lack of proper dental care, affinity for Sun Drop canned beverage, chronologicaly seperated from most family members by minimum biological requirements (mother=13/14 years older, grandmother= 27/28 years older, siblings typicaly 9 months apart).

Be advised: Lack of indicators does not disqualify an individual from having a legitimate he-hawk.
As Ben left his trailer, he checked the condition of his spikey he-hawk to make sure there would be enough clearence in his Ford F100.

To cut down on grooming expenses and still be stylish, Chase shaved himself a he-hawk, and used Sun Drop as a make-shift hair gel.
by joeyd1101 March 01, 2009
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