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A lesbian who uses he/him pronouns, but is still a woman/woman-aligned. It is a common lesbian experience to feel disconnected from womanhood due to womanhood often being defined by relationships to men. Similarly to how lesbians often go by "masculine" names or present as a butch, a lesbian may refer to himself by he/him to express this disconnect from his gender. This is a historical concept and is a form of gender non-conformity that has been practiced for decades.

Not to be confused with trans men, who cannot be lesbians because they are men. See also nonbinary lesbians.
Lee is a he/him lesbian.
My wife said he wants to start a garden.
by 10000angrybees July 19, 2018
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he/him lesbians arent real and cant be valid because if youre a lesbian you are a female yourself and he/him is lined with the male gender, and lesbians are women who like women
"he/him lesbians are putting a bad name on the trans community"
"yeah i agree, Tumblr needs to stop its shit"
by knightoflight May 01, 2019
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someone who identifies as a female lesbian and uses he/him pronouns and makes trans people look like a fucking joke.

for example, if someone who was a female and not trans, who is also a lesbian, decided to go by he/him pronouns and still said they weren’t trans, just a female with he/him pronouns who is Not trans.
“so i heard stephanie is using he/him pronouns, what name does he go by now?”
“no, no, stephanie is a he/him lesbian”
by ghostly goth gf February 02, 2019
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Lesbians are lesbians bro. There’s no such thing as a dude being a lesbian. If you are a lesbian that means you’re a girl who likes other girls. None of this “I sexually identify as a broski but I’m a lesbian.” you’re just a clout chaser.
He/Him lesbians are not valid and you’re stupid as hell if you think they are
by apricotsndpeach May 07, 2019
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Another identity made by Tumblr. A person who identifys with male pronouns but claims to be w|w.
He/him lesbians can't be valid as they identify as male, which means they can't be a lesbian as it means woman + woman.
by Entz December 21, 2018
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He/him lesbians are a bunch of edgy people that make transgenders and lesbians look like a fucking joke. They are probably the most invalid identity in the entire LGBTQ+ community. They are super transphobic because they just make transgenders (mostly FTMs) look like they're a bunch of women that are using masculine pronouns. They use the most common excuse (which makes no sense) and say that they're trying to stray away from femininity/girliness by using masculine pronouns and making FTMs feel invalid. This way, they have managed to ruin two things at the same time just by identifying as a lesbian who uses masculine pronouns.
1) A lesbian is a woman/woman aligned person who is attracted to women/woman aligned people. Lesbians are girls. They can't be boys.
2) A person who willingly uses masculine pronouns is a boy. He can't be a girl or anything else.

Before you say anything, it is true that gender is just pronouns. You can't use feminine pronouns if you're a boy, nor the other way around. (Talking about cisgenders that are willingly cisgenders, not gender dysphoric people.)

As a conclusion, lesbians who use masculine pronouns are invalid, homophobic, and transphobic and they make the LGBTQ+ community looks like some type of cool game, and make homophobes take it less seriously, providing them with more reasons to align against it. If you're a lesbian, I will use feminine pronouns to refer to you. They're the only valid type of pronouns for lesbians.
Normal person: Have you heard about this new Tumblr trend?
Normal person 2: Yes, he/him lesbians. They're pretty weird. I don't really get what's with them.
Normal person: They lesbians that use masculine pronouns.
by local_dumbass_UwU April 03, 2019
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