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Hayzel, she will stick by your side no matter what, she’s very outgoing, she seems shy but when you get to know her she’s so funny and amazing, she also has a good booty
I was upset until I saw Hayzel
I was walking down the hall and a girl called Hayzel smiled at me, that’s so Hayzel
by Hayzeleena June 09, 2018
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a female with beauty inside and out.

The only thing she always has in mind is money money money. And the most loyal and realist female if she's really into you. She a hard nut to crack. Doesn't like expressing her feelings. When she's single she be pimping these dudes from left to right.
Bro hayzel really is amazing. I think Ima ring her and make her my wife.
by Watsittwoya June 18, 2018
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