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The phrase "haulin frieght" can best be discribed as someone or something big, moving a lot faster than its supposed to. But if the object or individual is moving far too fast, it is to be discribed as "haulin the mail". now, there is no clear definition of the speed limitations to qualify an object or individual as haulin frieght due to the fact that the size and rate of travel must be taken into account.
as 2 men are on a hunting spree deep in the wilderness of argentina they observed a small defenseless jack rabbit being hunted by a much larger bear.
man1: I hope the bear just dystroys that little rabbit!!
man2: Yeah me too!

a chase errupts!
man1: Holy crap that rabbit is so scared

man2: Yeah it is, and the bear is haulin frieght!
by "McNasty", "Hollywood" August 23, 2009
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