basically a school full of wannabe road men and girls who suck dick
person 1:"did you see them boys outside of tesco’s smoking paper yesterday”
person 2:”yh,they must have been from harris south norwood”
by dndndjbrsnakkw November 9, 2019
Known as the Best and most live harris school because it has majority black People. HASN does have the liveness but the teaching is somethinggggg else. A good school for yr7-8 but after that the liveness drops. If you wanna be serious and do well then you should/will leave in yr9. Good memories tho lmnl as a younger there. It does well in the sports day, But not first. If your into sports it’s the right school. A lot of people that get kicked out of another harris get into this school and start moving different to try and act bad. At HASN you get the actual bad people and the wannabes who think they’re living the life. Not the place if your looking for a girl as they’re rude and not the best looking tbh. I personally would not send my kids here inih. It’s name will always be known tho. Harris South Norwood
“That girl is rude and presttigeeeee”
“ Prestige over what tho 😂 “
“ inih , typical Harris South Norwood”.

“ he’s been moving bookie since he’s move to HASN, he thinks he’s bad now but he’s acc a complete wet don and wannabe”

“ wordddd. No personality , just copied what the other people at harris south norwood are like.”
by thehardtruth. August 2, 2019
A shithole where a bunch of jbags suck dick and where wanna fboys get bops from kids 3years younger than them
‘’are those Sn yutes” “yh bro dem man are neeks
Harris Academy South Norwood
by Mr hitch November 25, 2021