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A male, usually homeschooled and socially crippled. He dresses up in thick hipster glasses and hipster jeans because he thinks that is "cool" these days. Doesn't have any friends aside from redheaded girls who only like him because of their poor choice of friends. Because he has no friends, he overcompensates by following the poor souls who actually befriend him everywhere like a tag along, which annoys the hell out of everybody else around the vicinity because they can see through his obvious ass-kissing and pathetic infatuation. He lacks the courage to actually ask them out though.
Person 1: Yo, you know that blonde kid Mike?

Person 2: The homeschooled freak?

Person 1: Yeah, the one who follows Pam and Jenna everywhere? He is such a tag along. No one else around the girls likes the guy. He is such a suck up. It's so obvious he loves them but he doesn't have the balls to ask them out.

Person 2: Well, he's a harkovich.
by Elliott Carver November 24, 2012
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