the act of melting a bag of gummy bears into a block, then wrapping it around your manhood and punishing them little gummy treats. resulting in you blowing your load, hariblow!
when jared got home with his freshly melted pack of gummy bears he decided to give them a massage with his purple headed meat monster.

Jared: "oh man... I punished those poor little bears until i had the BEST hariblow ever, it felt SOOOOO weird, ima do it again."
by BigBearLover March 22, 2011
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The action your gastrointestinal tract takes after eating more than the recommended 15 pieces of Sugarless Haribo brand gummie bears.
Ah, man, all I ate was a handful of gummie bears and an hour later I had a serious case of the Hariblows.
by JossKittens January 21, 2014
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