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No matter what he does, he just fucks everything up if he is around you. Keeps acting like a fuckwit near you when you are trying to get into the pants of some girl, spoiling the hunting for the night. Typically needs you to pull him out of a situation he created, where he was about to get the fuck punched out of him by those blokes at the pool table after he stood near them telling them how to play.
Mick thought he was on a winner for a fuck in the car park outside with Jacinta, when Deano rocked up and spilled his beer in her handbag, making her lose her shit so much she got her fat friend and left the club. Mick wanted to flog Deano, but then saw him trying to dry hump some bloke at the pool table, which was gunna turn fatal for Deano any second now. So Mick dragged his stupid cunt mate away from danger and said "mate, stop being such a hard core loser or you can fuckin walk back to Frankston".
by Reynard says July 21, 2017
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