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An obnoxious, petty, self-centered jewbitch who thinks the world revolves around her. She's often seen during December in malls near jewish-money towns like Cherry Hill, NJ. The hanukkunt is known for insulting anyone who refuses to kiss her feet or trim the corns off her toes, or generally bow down to her superiority complex.
Commonly starts sentences with the whiny voice uttering the phrase "Owww my Gawwwd, this is turrubul..."
Clerk: That'll be $48.12 for your purchase today.
Hanukkunt: Oww my Gawwwd, this is turrubul. Why do you people charge so much money. What's wrong with you people?? You should deliver this to my house for that price. You should be ashamed.

Clerk (under her breath): What a hanukkunt.
by Truth Hurts Sometimes December 07, 2012
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