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a hanger at wright-patterson air force base that held evidence to the roswell new mexico u.f.o. crash.
welcome to a fortress tall take some time to show you around imposible to break these walls for you see the steel is much to strong computer banks to rule the world insturments to sight the stars, possibly ive seen to much hangar 18 i know to much
by jacob tweedy April 15, 2008
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The most awesome hangar of them all. It is a tall fortress that uses the strongest steel thats impossible to break.

Banks are computer run and rule the world. Our telescopes let us see the stars.

Theres a possibility I know too much about Hangar 18. I do know too much.

Our inventory contains cryogenically frozen foreign lifeforms in a suspended state.

The story is that you choose what you forget. I believed this would be foretold but who would of thought?

Combining military and intelligence does not make sense.
Possibly Iā€™ve seen to much
Hangar 18 I know too much
by Arm November 19, 2004
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