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Annoying person, usually completely socially inept who can not, for the absolute life of them, keep their damn hands down in class. Usually ends in a hatred for that person.
These folk take up precious time and neurons. A detriment to society in general.
End of class is nearing.....
Prof: So "extremely simple concept, summarized in a simple, straight-forward fasion" --What Hank?

Hand raiser Hank: Well, do you actually mean "Reiteration of simple concept, repeated backverbatim , but with an emphasis at end of statement signifying a question"

Prof: Umm, yeah, thats it.

Class: Shut the FUCK UP! Keep your fuckig hand down in Lecture, No One Cares.

A mob ensues.....
by -Ren- January 27, 2007
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