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A city located in the tidewater region. In hampton you can see the bay anywhere within a 5 min walk, and you can see the ghetto anywhere within a 3 min walk. On the shorelines you can find the wealthy, and just 2 blocks over you can find the slums. The NFL is basically composed of players from Hampton High School and Phoebus High School. Every black man knows not to venture into Fox Hill for fear of the rednecks, and every redneck fears the mean streets of Shell Road as well as Rip Rap Road. All of the white kids are now wiggers snorting coke 21 hours out of the day. Kids come back from college (Radford, Va Tech, or JMU) to learn that the striaght edge kids from high school, now are "drug dealers" or at least they think so. In all honesty, if you want some good seafood or a crack rock , Hampton is a great place to visit.

person 1 - Do you know where I can get some coke?

person 2 - Dude, are you kidding me? Any white kid in town.
hampton, VA is suburbia turned into urban within two blocks
by David Lemons May 02, 2006
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Hampton consists of a black majority with money. This is where you will find the best looking black people - both men and women. People here don't really consider this the south. Men in/from Hampton have swagger and women are known to be pretty, but stuck-up. Home of Allen Iverson and also Hampton University. Part of the Seven Cities and surrounded by water on a peninsula.
Hampton, Va - Good place to raise a family
by P.Ctre May 10, 2007
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