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German for "hammer time," often used in conjunction with a picture of some Nazi soldiers mocking their comrade who has fallen on the ice. Also a multiplayer game on Halo 3.
Look at this funny picture of hammerzeit!!
by Kevin__C December 09, 2007
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Pronounced H-ah-muhr-Sigh-et.

A purely American term, despite it's German wording, that literally translates out to "Hammertime", which is the abomination that a one hit wonder singer named MC Hammer unleashed upon the world. This phrase is often used in conjunction (and quite possibly based upon) a picture of four German WWII-era Heer (Army) infantry standing on a iced-over pond, one of whom has slipped upon said ice and appears to be break dancing, and his cohorts are mocking his accident. It is by sheer stupidity, and misinformation that this was created, but it is here nonetheless, and is rapidly catching on as a meme. Whoever that mysterous German soldier is, I wish you well in the afterlife...
Halt, Hammerzeit!
by Joe 2.0.1 January 19, 2010
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