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A hammerhawk is a male person who,
(a) observes, looks, stares, gazes, whether intentionally or by recklessness, at the exposed or partially exposed genetalia of another man;
(b) encourages, abets, facilitates, compels, whether intentionally or by recklessness, the exposure of his genetalia in a manner reasonably expected to be in the view of other male persons; or
(c) negligently engages in conduct unbecoming of a man.
"Rick is such a hammerhawk! He always checks out my junk in the shower!"

"Yo, that's sheer hammerhawkery!"

by Mike Hart March 22, 2007
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goin balls deep on a hoe with a violent, spastic disposition.
Andrew: Im gona hammerhawk you hard tonight girl.
Nicole: whats that?!
Andrew: fuck your pussy beyond recognition.
by V-Man (Vaginal Master) August 16, 2011
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1. One who possesses no skills.
2. A person that screws up everything they touch.
3. Somebody with no talent.
4. Can be used to describe somebody you really don't like.
1. "Paris Hilton is such a hammer hawk when it comes to sex."
2. "What a friggin hammer hawk move."
3. "Who the hell plays like that? What a hammer hawk! get off the field!"
4. "That kid is such a hammer hawk."
by xXZephyrXx October 28, 2007
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