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code word for a womans breasts, and code word for a homosexual male. "hammer" being one males penis "licker" being the homosexual male licking said hammer.
hey john, look at the hammer lickers on that blonde.

yo, i think that kid tom is a hammer licker. He was looking at my cock !
by jack the wack May 07, 2008
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Someone who likes to lick hammers: i.e. dicks, i.e. anyone you particularly don't like or is a complete "tool"...can also be used in the abbreviated form "hammer" which means the same thing to those who are familiar with the term.
Michael J Hoke is a hammer-licker extraordinaire... What does he want to do, lick your hammer? What a hammer-licker... Lawrence is such a hammer...
by Ian Webster March 26, 2008
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