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One of the more powerful weapons in Gears of War. The Hammer of Dawn is a rifle-like weapon, which fires a harmless laser. The rifle then triangulates the coordinates of the laser's position, and relays them to an overhead, imulsion-powered satellite system. After a few seconds of locking on and charging, the result is a beam of energy which obliterates everything within a small radius.

The laser can be aimed anywhere, but the system itself only works outdoors with a clear, open sky. The beam can be moved slowly while firing, and only lasts for about five seconds. There is a significant pause before the beam can be used again, but it can be fired an infinite number of times (as long as the satellites remain overhead).

In Campaign mode, the Hammer comes in useful for defeating larger enemies, like Berserkers or Seeders, which are invulnerable to standard weapons. It can only be used during specific parts of the game, however, which make it a rather useless secondary weapon to carry for a long time.

In multiplayer, the Hammer of Dawn appears on a number of levels including Fuel Depot and Rooftops. Because of its blatantly obvious and lengthy targeting system, the weapon is fairly useless for active combat but works well when unleashed upon a distracted camper.
Dom: We should use the Hammer of Dawn all the time.
Kim: It only works outside, and even then when the satellites are overhead. Basically, you lucked out.
by The Vector Kid November 21, 2006
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