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Quiet, lonely, smart, cautious about surrounding, someone who need advice and motivation, simple, loud with people that 's close, friendly but not very open to other people, someone you might not expect, can be trusted, gorgeous, trying to achieve something and hold on to it, happy go lucky
"Don't give up, why would you? Come on, you started this, so end it"

Hajidah is a cheerful lady, a shy one, motivate her
by OhHanGee December 28, 2017
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The most determined person. She is hot in person. She loves to do something beyond limit. Either study, daily routines, sex, exercise, sports, or eat, she tends to do excessively. She might knew already the outcomes of what she is doing but still insists to do to fulfill her own desire. She will after something until she satisfied. That makes she a strong powerful woman and very dependable one. She is so eager to get more until she is satisfied. She is not only strong outside the bed, but you might lose to her when it comes to sex.
A: Hi guys, we have got new classmate. Her name was Hajidah!
B: She looks hot!

A: Shhh.!! Don't you dare to touch her, or you will lose before you even get it. :)
by Kim Tan April 23, 2018
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