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An exceptional animal from south west Inala.... this mamal's appearance is that similar to a flamingo yet its covered in a lush thick growth of hair, thus the name; Hairy Flamingo..
these beasts dwel within non government commisioned houses and have very untamed siblings.....
Bus Driver: "this is your driver speaking.... please everybody close all your windows we are passing through the hairy flamingo's breeding ground"
Dood on Bus: dang...
by Brad August 30, 2004
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a VERY large and UNUSUALLY hairy individual from Corinda State High School, QLD, Australia. hang around with poor ppl with bed sheets for front doors.... Lives in INALA aka the shithole of the world.
Brad (last year @ school): OMG ITS A HAIRY flamingo
Mr Kennedy: yeah i know her, that georgia.....
Mr Morrison: I Left the school :)
Mrs Walton: yeah, when did we become a zoo here people?!?!?!?!
by Brad Willmot September 02, 2004
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