no definition here, just dont confuse it with, haHA!
haha kinda funny, but you're a jacka$$

haHA! i'm some sort of swashbuckling hero, possibly ALSO a jacka$$.
by meinerweiner69 March 29, 2010
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1) a word to replace the word for joke in another language
2) replaces the word joke in english
3) and abbrev. for laughter
4) to laugh or write the word "haha"
1. j'ai faire un haha. (this means i made a joke bcuz haha=joke)
2. that was a really funny haha... tell another.

3. "omg i laughed for like an hour"
"yea it was kinda funny... i was like haha"

4. {screenname}: then he told me to shove off
{screenname}: haha!
by Hamah January 06, 2006
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When one individual "laughs" on MSN, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, whatever... when he's just bored and doesn't even feel like laughing. And when what the other person says is not even funny.
"Omg! Did you hear that we're having school tomorrow?" "Hahahahahahahahahaha yes!"
by Ew. Its You. April 18, 2009
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The most fucking annoying four letters in the whole goddamn world.
Person 1: hi haha
Person 1: the movie was good haha
Person 1: im eating fucking ramen right now and no one cares haha
Person 2: If you say "haha" one more fucking time I'm going to buttrape you with a cast-iron cactus HAHA
by FappyMcAnus January 25, 2014
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A boundary to a park or garden that doesn't interrupt the view.
Gee Theo! I'm delighted that the ha-ha doesn't obstruct the view of that park.
by Desomnt West April 17, 2008
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what you say when your texting and you have nothing else to say
friend: my dog just pooped

by jblover1997 January 09, 2012
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1a. a sunken fence

1b. type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached.
In order to keep the lizards out of our garden, we built a ha-ha.

We didn't want a fence obstructing our view of the pasture, so we built a ha-ha instead.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
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