a term that i luv, said to mock someone for even THINKING of asking a question.
also rele funny on the sayer's behalf when said to a particularly ignorant person.
(me,listening to ipod during VAR)
misha: omg like what are you listening to?! omg can i hear it too? but not if its like greenday cos their like... weird. way weirder than you.. but your not very weird.. so can i listen? *massive grin on her face, laughing*
me: (same stupid laugh as misha) haha no. :|
by i have a name now? September 21, 2006
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Hot Asian Hot Asian
Mike thinks Christina Kim is a HAHA
by Boston Polito November 1, 2009
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What my dad says when he walks into the room.
Brandon said when he walked into the room"HAHA".
by qwertyufdfghjklkjhgfdfguiuytrg January 30, 2022
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by 123anonymoushaha November 23, 2021
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