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Someone without a soul who hacks into online multi-player games and will deliberately "trolls" everyone and make people leave to acquire a cheap thrill.
ugh, this guy is such a hackzorz he wont stop calling me a ginger and spawn camping me"
by mf9120 January 26, 2010
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1. n. Someone who hacks into anytihng, particuarly a video game.

2. A cow with two broken legs.

3. A flock of geese taking down a cow with two broken legs and feasting on it.

4. A computer program used to destroy the internet, allowing them to become the only people with internet in the world.
1. Chief, i think we got a Hackzorz to worry about here.

2. Holy hell did you just kick that Hackzorz over!?

3. The family were unlucky enough to run into a Hackzorz.

4. Yo, trey, I just got the new Hackzorz 4.6!!!
by SmallPoX753 July 10, 2008
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