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n. a person who attempts to steal the established idea of another person, but in doing so demonstrates a complete lack of facility with the English language. Can also be a person who is afflicted with an intense lack of creativity.
Extremely starved for attention, the hackinetti can often be:
1) observed annoying strangers by trying to get high-fives from them, or
2) heard to shout the phrase “Look at me and my new word!” while riding a conspicuously short bus (with tinted windows).

n., slang. The colloquial definition of “hackinetti” has most recently manifested itself in street-speak. In that particular environment, the definition of “hackinetti” has evolved to mean “stupid fellating whore”.

v. Engaging in the act of (or otherwise giving the appearance of) hackinettying. Can also reference the act of providing extremely stupid, poorly worded examples by way of explanation or justification.
You hackinettied the term paper from the smartest kid in school so you are such a hackinetti! And danim is insaynee-o! durrrrr!
by Mack Caddy November 27, 2006
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